Best Krav Maga Self Defense Classes In Florida

About the Krav Maga Program that's Helping all of Florida get Fit & Lean while Learning Incredible Self-Defense.

We listened, observed & took lots of notes to find out what you and others like you really wanted in a Krav Maga program. And we designed our program to satisfy your needs in full.

In response, here's what we've come up with:

Powerful, Real-World Self-Defense

You wanted self-defense that's tested & proven to work in the real world. Nothing beats Krav Maga in this aspect! It was originally created by the Israeli army to work fluidly in real-life situations.

In fact, a big part of the training is simulating all kinds of real-life scenarios, like being grabbed from behind... being approached by a knife... and more. You'll learn exactly what to do to keep yourself & your loved ones safe & sound.

Rapid Fat Loss

Next, you told us that you wanted to lose weight and get in shape! Our program provides an outstanding workout that gets your whole body lean & toned. In fact, some people come to us for ONLY the fat loss!

When you lose weight and get in shape everything feels better. You have more energy that lasts through the entire day. You feel more confident & comfortable about who you are when you look in the mirror and really like what you see. And your body just works better so lots of aches & pains fade away, never to return.

A Fun, Motivational Environment

And finally, you wanted it to be fun and exciting so you look forward to coming every week. We've been told our classes are so fun that people get hooked from the start! Krav Maga by itself is intense & exciting. The moves are fast and fluid. And there is so much to learn that every session you'll walk away with something new.

And when choosing our staff, they had to meet certain criteria. First, they had to be experts. Second, they had to be passionate & caring. And finally, they had to be cool people! We've heard that other places have mean, strict instructors who don't treat you like a human being. You'll NEVER experience that here!

This is a fun, safe, supportive environment, designed for one purpose: to help you succeed in fitness & self-defense while having a ton of fun. That's it!

This is a fun, safe, supportive environment, designed for one purpose: to help you succeed in fitness & self-defense while having a ton of fun. That's it!

Meet Master Clark

Chief Master William Clark began his martial arts career in 1968 in Omaha, Nebraska, and then joined Eternal Grand Master U.U. Lee’s first martial arts school in 1969. After achieving second degree black belt rank, Master Clark opened his first academy in Jacksonville in 1971.

Master Clark earned the title of American Taekwondo Association instructor of the year in 1974 by setting trends and methods that are now standards in the martial arts business. At this time Master Clark was also involved in full contact competition in the Professional Karate Association, and became the PKA fighter of the year in 1976.

Now an Eighth Degree Black Belt, Chief Master Clark is an innovator of martial arts teaching, competition, and business techniques. His over 30 years of experience in the martial arts has allowed him to be a mentor for countless students and instructors.