Powerful, Fat-Melting Krav Maga Classes that are a TON of Fun.

Many schools teach all kinds of martial arts. Here, we like to focus on just one: Krav Maga. Read on to find out what you can look forward to in each & every class...

Powerful Self-Defense Techniques

You'll learn how to fully defend yourself here. And I'm talking about from anything and everything. Learn fast, intense punches and kicks... throws in case anyone gets too close... how to defend yourself from a group of attackers... and a lot more.

And we'll make sure that you fully learn each technique. If you ever have questions, our instructors will do everything in their power to answer them. This isn't like high school where everyone's afraid to raise their hand and ask questions.

This is a very supportive, NON-intimidating environment.

Fat-Melting Drills & Conditioning Exercises

The techniques you'll learn are probably enough to get you into pretty good shape. But we like to throw even more exercise into the mix to help you really get rid of unwanted weight.

You'll do all sorts of variations on pushups, situps and other exercises - but with our own Krav Maga "twist." Plus you'll do a ton of exercises you've probably never seen before.

All of the conditioning we do is to help you perform Krav Maga more easily, and to help you lose weight. We've researched and tested tons of different exercises to find out what works best.

Now you can reap the benefits of our hard work.

Friends & Community

It really is like a community here. Everyone - from the staff to your fellow members - are dedicated to learning Krav Maga and getting in great shape. Often members with lots of experience help out the newer members while they're getting used to the program.

And just as often friendships are born. We're all a team here, and we'd love nothing more than for you to come join us.